Biomedical Imaging and Modeling Group

After the reorganization of the Department the Biomedical Imaging and Modeling group consist of the previous groups: Biomedical Imaging and Modeling Group and MR Imaging Group.

The scientific subjects of the group consist of:

- nuclear magnetic resonance imaging

- optical imaging

- modeling of physiological processes

- nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging and Quality Assurance procedures.

Research concerning MRI is focused on the low-field imaging systems based on permanent magnets. The 0.2 T MRI system provided by the MRI Tech Company in frames of collaboration is waiting for installation in the newly constructed laboratory of the Faculty.

The other research interest of our group encompass problems related to cancer radio- and phototherapy of melanomas and free radical processes in biology. These include both experimental and theoretical investigations using ESR spectroscopy (spin trapping techniques) and electrochemistry, computer modeling of free radical processes, optical imaging, light dosimetry and Monte Carlo simulation of light transport in tissues.

The group also carries out works such as mathematical modeling of selected physiological processes. It focuses especially on application of compartment modeling for extracorporeal liver support therapy. Some problems connected with mathematical analysis of electrical signals are also under investigation.

Moreover, the scientific activity of the group is oriented to nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging and QA (Quality Assurance) procedures. It specialize in designing phantoms for static and dynamic studies. In the laboratory of ionizing radiation dosimetry many procedures involved in Radiation Protection of the patient and staff performing procedures are shown. Close cooperation between group and hospitals and companies allow to use knowledge in practice.