Molecular Biophysics and Bioenergetics Group

The Group of Molecular Biophysics and Bioenergetics was established in Nov 2008 as a part of Department of Medical Physics and Biophysics.

Our research is focused on:

  • electron transport in photosystem II and bacterial reaction centers (with special interest in influence of heavy metal ions and role of non-hem iron);
  • oxygen evolution in photosynthesis;
  • structure, organization and physical/chemical properties of native and model protein-lipid systems;
  • protective and structural functions of carotenoids in native and model photosynthetic complexes;
  • physical properties - topography, elasticity, adhesion forces - of normal and pathological cells and their organelles, and determination of the influence of selected stimuli on these properties in both cell types;
  • analyzing the influence of mechanical properties of biopolymers on cell vital functions such as migration, proliferation and adhesion;
  • influence of ionization radiation and metal ions on membrane stability of human erythrocytes;
  • physical and chemical characterization of carbon nanotubes;