Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science
AGH University of Science and Technology

Scientific Labs

  • Surfaces, thin films and multilayers
  • X-ray diffraction Lab
  • Lab of physics and chemistry of polymers
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance Lab
  • Magnetometry Lab
  • Monocrystal Lab
  • EPR and magnetic susceptibility Lab
  • Mossbauer Lab
  • Mossbauer spectroscopy Lab
  • Lab. for measurements of electron structures of semiconductors
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis Lab
  • Radiochemistry Lab
  • Lab of activation methods
  • Gamma radiation spectrometry Lab
  • Alpha and Beta radiation spectrometry Lab
  • Lab. of applications of neutron techniques
  • Lab. of radiometric measurements
  • Mass spectrometry Lab.
  • Gas chromatography Lab.
  • Lab. of low activities of natural isotopes
  • Lab. for atmospheric composition monitoring at Kasprowym Wierchu peak
  • Lab. of image diagnostics in nuclear medicine
  • Lab. of spektrofluonometry and spektrofotometry
  • Lab. of gas detectors
  • System for integrated circuits design

Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science