Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science
AGH University of Science and Technology


Department/Group Head

Department of Applied Informatics and Computational Physics

Prof. Dr.
Zdzisław Burda
–– Information Technology and Systems Research Group Prof. Dr.
Piotr Kulczycki
–– Complex Systems Group Prof. Dr.
Zdzisław Burda
–– Theory of Nanomaterials and Nanodevices Group Prof. Dr.
Stanisław Bednarek
–– Computers Support Group Dr.
Antoni Dydejczyk

Department of Applied Nuclear Physics

Prof. Dr.
Piotr Bożek
–– Environmental Physics Group Dr.
Mirosław Zimnoch, D.Sc.
–– Physics of Strongly Interacting Systems Group Prof. Dr.
Piotr Bożek
–– Molecular Biophysics and Bioenergetics Group Prof. Dr.
Kvetoslava Burda

Department of Medical Physics and Biophysics

Magdalena Szczerbowska-Boruchowska, D.Sc.
–– Atomic and Molecular Biospectroscopy Group Dr.
Joanna Chwiej, D.Sc.
–– Biomedical and Environmental Research Group Dr.
Magdalena Szczerbowska-Boruchowska, D.Sc.
–– Biomedical Imaging and Modeling Group Dr.
Zenon Matuszak, D.Sc.

Department of Condensed Matter Physics

Prof. Dr.
Janusz Wolny

Department of Particle Interactions and Detection Techniques

Tomasz Szumlak, D.Sc.
–– Nuclear Electronics and Radiation Detection Group Prof. Dr.
Władysław Dąbrowski
–– Elementary Particles Physics Group Dr.
Iwona Grabowska-Bołd, D.Sc.

Department of Solid State Physics

Łukasz Gondek, D.Sc.
–– Magnetic Bulk- and Nanomaterials Group Prof. Dr.
Czesław Kapusta
–– Magnetic, Electrical and Structural Research Group Dr.
Łukasz Gondek, D.Sc.
–– Quantum Effects in Nanostructures Group Prof. Dr.
Marek Przybylski
–– Superconducting and Magnetic Materials Group Prof. Dr.
Zbigniew Tarnawski
–– Surface Nanostructures Group Prof. Dr.
Tomasz Ślęzak

Teaching Services Team

Anna Wnęk

Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science