Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science
AGH University of Science and Technology

Enrollment procedure

B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies

Ph.D. studies

Applicants for doctoral studies should register on-line in the e-Rekrutacja system.
Once the applicant is registered on-line, a paper version of all documents should be delivered to the Faculty.

  • Number of available places – 17 (physics) + 8 (biophysics)

  • Number of Ph.D. scholarships offered by the Faculty – up to 25

  • Entry conditions, enrollment procedure:
    • diploma of second-level studies in physics, technical physics or similar fields plus a positive result of an oral examination in physics or biophysics.

    • declaration of a Full Professor, an Associate Professor or an Adjunct Professor (with habilitation, D.Sc.) of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science (in exceptional cases – an external Professor) who would be assuming the duties of the candidate’s scientific supervisor.

    • The scholarships will be allotted to the persons with the best joint results according to the formula:

      K = 0.6*Ost + 0.25*Oe + 0.1*Oj + 0.05*On

      where: Ost - diploma grade; Oe - entry examination grade; Oj - English language exam grade; On - scientific achievements (publications, conferences)

  • Examination schedule: 2017/Jul/14 at 9 am (building D-10, room 321, Reymonta 19 street) or 2017/Sep/14, 15 and 25 (at the same time and place) or 2018/Feb/14 and 15 (winter enrollement)

  • Registering – before 2017/Jul/11 (for the July exam); before 2017/Sep/11 (for the September exam); before 2018/Feb/11 (for the February exam); at the Faculty building (D-10, room 328), Reymonta Str. 19, phone +48 12 617 2953, contact-person: Ms. Krystyna Sobczyk.
Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science