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Remote connection to some of our Unix hosts

Access to most of our computers from the outside of the University's campus is restricted. If you have an account on one of the systems enumerated below and you want to establish a terminal connection (telnet like) you can use Secure Shell (SSH) software. If you are using Unix (Linux) SSH software may be already installed (ask your system adminstrator or issue man ssh command to learn more about it). If you are using Windows you can download PuTTY: A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client.. But if you do not have any choice you can still connect. The condition is that your browser must support Java applets (Netscape 6.x, Mozilla 1.x, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and above). You have to check if your browser has Java enabled (for Netscape see menu: Edit, Preferences, Advanced, check "Java" box on; for Internet Explorer see: Tools, Internet preferences, Advanced, Java section). If so follow instructions below. (Browser must be also configured to allow the pop-up windows to open.)
Beware! Computer owner may scan keys you are typing on the keyboard!

Select one of the following hosts to make SSH secure connection


Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science