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  • K. Różański, L. Araguas-Araguas, R. Gonfiantini
    Isotopic patterns in modern global precipitation, in Climate Change in Continental Isotopic Records
    Geophysical Monograph 78 (2000) 1, 1204 cytowania

  • A. Kreft A. Zuber
    Physical meaning of dispertion-equation and its solutions for different initial and boundary-conditions
    Chemical Engineering Science 33 (1978) 1471, 485 cytowań

  • K. Różański, L. Araguas-Araguas, R. Gonfiantini
    Relation between long-term trends of O-18 isotope composition of precipitation and climate
    Science 258 (1992) 981, 382 cytowania

  • J. Spałek, A. Lewicki, Z. Tarnawski, et al.
    Magnetic-susceptibility of semimagnetic semiconductors - the high-temperature regime and the role of superexchange
    Physical Review B 33 (1986) 3407, 303 cytowania

  • A. Bansil, S. Kaprzyk, P. E. Mijnarends, J. Toboła
    Electronic structure and magnetism of Fe3-xVxX (X=Si, Ga, and Al) alloys by the KKR-CPA method
    Physical Review B 60 (1999) 13396, 290 cytowań

  • Z. Matuszak, K. J. Reszka, C. F. Chignell
    Reaction of melatonin and related indoles with hydroxyl radicals: EPR and spin trapping investigations
    Free Radical Biology and Medicine 23 (1997) 367, 228 cytowań

  • J. P. Heremans, B. Wiendlocha, A. M. Chamoire
    Resonant levels in bulk thermoelectric semiconductors
    Energy & Environmental Science 5 (2012) 5510, 226 cytowań

  • M. Mięsowicz
    The 3 coefficients of viscosity of anisotropic liquids
    Nature 158 (1946) 27, 217 cytowań

  • P. Hottowy, W. Dąbrowski et al.
    Electrical stimulation of mammalian retinal ganglion cells with multielectrode arrays
    Journal of Neurophysiology 95 (2006) 3311, 210 cytowań

  • J. Korecki, U. Gradmann,
    In situ Mossbauer analysis of hyperfine interactions near Fe(110) surfaces and interfaces
    Physical Review Letters 55 (1985) 2491, 169 cytowań

  • T. Goslar, T. Kuc, K. Różański, et al.
    High-concentration of atmospheric C-14 during the younger dryas cold episode
    Nature 377 (1995) 414, 166 cytowań

  • U. Gradmann, J. Korecki, G. Waller
    Inplane magnetic surface anisotropies in Fe(110)
    Applied Physics A - Materials Science & Processing 39 (1986) 101, 166 cytowań

  • J. Toboła , J. Pierre,
    Electronic phase diagram of the XTZ (X=Fe, Co, Ni; T=Ti, V, Zr, Nb, Mn; Z=Sn, Sb) semi-Heusler compounds
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 296 (2000) 243, 163 cytowania

  • P. Hottowy , W. Dąbrowski et al. ,
    A maximum entropy model applied to spatial and temporal correlations from cortical networks in vitro.
    Journal of Neuroscience 28 (2008) ,505-518, 165 cytowań cytowania

  • J. Toboła, J. Pierre, S. Kaprzyk et al
    Crossover from semiconductor to magnetic metal in semi-Heusler phases as a function of valence electron concentration
    J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 10 (1998) 1013, 158 cytowań.

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